Coaching Education

We want to tailor the time and expertise into a great number of educational and coaching options.

Parents Orientation

We are able to cater to the wide variety of needs and interests of Tennis Parents and Players.

Development/Next GENERATION

A initiative attract, train and develop kids and youngsters to play tennis and enjoy the game.

High Performance

Our goal is to concentrate on players that want to raise their level of play.


The GTC Coaching & Education program is led by Gustavo Granitto (considered one of the world wide leading experts in junior development, high performance and coaching education). Gustavo’s philosophy is to share more than his 38 years of expertise, success and passion in this job. “I have the privilege to live doing what I love since I started teaching tennis at 19”, Gustavo states.

The key attractive feature underlying GTC’s educational services is the ability to tailor the time and expertise into a great number of educational and coaching options, all focused on the needs and interests relating to coaches, administrators and parents.

Certification Courses
 Cursos con Certificación

Workshops / Seminars
 Talleres / Seminarios

Certificate of Attendance & Certificate of Approvalare provided.
Se brindan Certificado de Asistencia y Certificado de Aprobación

Certificate of Attendance is provided.
Se brinda Certificado de Asistencia

– Course to work with Beginners and Intermediate Players (Level 1)
– Curso para trabajar con Jugadores Principiantes e Intermedios (Nivel 1)

– Hispanic Coaches Workshop in the United States
– Taller deTrabajo para Entrenadores Hispanos en los Estados Unidos

– Course to work with Advanced Players (Level 2)
– Curso para trabajar con Jugadores Avanzados  (Nivel 2) –

– The Business of Tennis Coaching
– El Negocio del Entrenamiento de Tenis –

– Course Development 14 & Under
– Curso para el Desarrollo de Menores de 14 años

– Programa de Orientación a Padres de Jugadores

Personal Coaching / Entrenamiento Personal

(*) Available also online in both English & Spanish / Disponible también online en Español e Inglés.

In coaching education, we guarantee that by the end of every educational activity and workshop, the coach will be able to realize his/her own level of competence; will recognize the importance of communication, leadership and methodology that will define his/her own style of coaching and will be ready to produce tangibles benefits in all levels of players and his/her job. Coach will produce an even greater impact in our sport, do better business and increase his/her income.

Courses and Seminars are also available by webinar, both in English and/or Spanish.

Parents Orientation

The key attractive feature underlying GTC’s Parents Orientation program is the ability to tailor the time and expertise into a great number of educational and coaching options, all focused on the needs and interests relating to parents and players.

“Independent of the particular characteristics of each player, the common denominator for the successful players appears to be the focus on the Long Term Development work in junior and professional stage. Each player needs a short, middle and long term goal”, Gustavo Granitto states.

With GTC’s ability to tailor our time and expertise into a great number of service options, we are able to cater to the wide variety of needs and interests of Tennis Parents and Players. If you can’t afford to pay a full time or part time academy, Parents and Players are already benefiting from the option of GTC’s Parents & Players Orientation Program.

For more information, please send us an email for an appointment.


“Gustavo Granitto has had a massive impact on the Development of tennis in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America as well. His great work has affected literally thousands of players, coaches and officials.”

Doug MacCurdy, Director General & Director de Desarrollo ITF 1984-1998; Director USTA Player Development 1998-2001; International Tennis Consultant 2001-2013.

“I have known Gustavo por over 20 years, first through his work in Argentina as Director of Coach Education and then as a friend and colleague at the International Tennis Federation where we work together for 15 years. He is one of the world’s most knowledgeable tennis coaches having written tennis books and presented in conferences in 50+ nations. This knowledge and love of tennis combined with his exceptional people skills and positive outlook means that whether he is working with top world ranked or beginner juniors players or helping coaches improve the way they work, he has a major impact not only on their tennis but more importantly on their lives. “

Dave Miley, Executive Director Development, International Tennis Federation.

“It was highly motivated for us to observe that Gustavo was able to involve the most important organizations in tennis in this workshop”.

Alex Ringwald, Director of Tennis Banyan Golf & Country Club

“I have known Gustavo Granitto for 10 years, initially in his capacity as the ITF Development Officer, then through his high performance academy which my son attended for 5 years. He is probably the most experienced, passionate and dedicated person to the development of kids through tennis that I have met through my years of involvement as a Tennis Parent. His vision and passion for the development of this sport is to have young kids gravitate to retain the interest and then succeed in tennis to the best of their individual ability and potential – and to keep the love of the game for a lifetime”.

Cindy Sweeting, mother of Ryan Sweeting, 2005 US Open Junior Champion. ATP # 65.

“Gustavo as a professional for many years has been involved in development programs and he has worked with junior players from all over the world. His international acquired experience has provided him with extensive knowledge in player’s management of high performance tennis”.

Ivan Molina, Director ITF Touring Team

“I met Gustavo three years ago, working with him at the first Hispanic Coaches Workshop. I was very impressed with the professionalism, dedication, and organization of the program. He demonstrates a true love for tennis, his clients, and colleagues. No matter what level player you are, beginner or tournament player Gustavo makes you feel special.”

Nancy Horowitz, USTA Florida volunteer & Vice President board Member.

“During his time at the ITF Gustavo Granitto has been consistently a reference for juniors and development matters affecting the Central America & Caribbean region. As an ITF colleague I have appreciated Gustavo for its professionalism, leadership and passion for the game. Now that we do not work together anymore I continue to appreciate Gustavo as a tennis friend. “

Luca Santilli, Head Juniors & Seniors Tennis, International Tennis Federation.

Development/Next GENERATION

The GTC’s 16 & Under Florida Tennis Initiative ®

This initiative has the objectives to attract, train, retain and develop kids and youngsters that have the desire to play tennis and enjoy the game.

The training method emphasizes achieving excellence in a fun environment. Five game situations, technique, and physical education applicable to tennis are taught in the Recreational Program.

For the Long Term Competitive Development Program the purpose is the training of junior tennis players for local, national and international competition and to instill a long-term love of the game.

Participation is based upon the level of each individual student and reaching individuals established goals. A passion to learn and to improve, as well as 100% effort, is required to attend and maintain a place in Competitive program.

The 2015/16 session of the GTC’s 16 & Under Florida Tennis Initiative ® started on August 3rd , 2015. We are pleased with the progress observed and to have the opportunity to work with new players. Some did an excellent performance during last months.

We are proud to be the official venue of the USTA Florida “Tennis Para Todos / Tennis for Everyone” program. We provide personalized attention and we plan in advance the contents for every class.


For further information call us: (1) 954-804 9056 or


High Performance

GTC Academy & Consultancy has the legacy of producing ATP/WTA Players, Davis Cup & Fed Cup Players, winners of Challengers, Futures, Grand Slams Juniors and Group A as well. We also strive to achieve full scholarships at the most prominent colleges in the US.

Sebastian Prieto, Jose Velazco, Ryan Sweeting, Victor Estrella, Young Seok Kim, Jose Hernandez, Victoria Rodriguez, Marcela Zacarias, Alex Llompart, Jaime Cuellar, Rafael Arevalo, Marcelo Arevalo, Julien Uriguen, Niluka Madurawe, Alejandra Canudas, among other players were influenced by Gustavo and the GTC training methodology.

Philosophy It is our goal to concentrate on players that want to raise their level of play and wish to maximize their capabilities and potential. They should show a solid interest to apply to the GTC ACADEMY program. Only a small group of players is selected” – Gustavo Granitto –

Part time & Intensive Summer Camps:Operates all year round.

Full time Acceptance Criteria: Every player that shows interest in the program will start with a complete personal evaluation. The program works on a short, medium or long-term basis, depending on the level and need of the player. Players 16 & under are considered on a long-term basis. Due to the quality and personal attention given to players, spaces are limited (a maximum of 12 players is accepted per season).

Gerano Olivieri and Gustavo Granitto during the 2016 US Open.

GTC ACADEMY Players have the following structure of attention

  • Coach is assigned exclusively to each group / Traveling Coach. Ratio 1 up to 3
  • Private class with Gustavo Granitto
  • Sport Conditioning
  • Sport Psychology
  • Technical / Bio mechanical development
  • Competition &Traveling Calendar/ Parent Orientation
  • Local transportation when available
  • Nutritionist and Physiotherapist

GTC ACADEMY® operates at the facilities of Pembroke Isles, Pembroke Pines, Florida, home of GTC Tennis Consultancy.

Boarding: Besides our tennis program, a boarding option is available. It includes: accommodation, three meals per day, and academic monitoring.


For further information call us: (1) 954-804 9056

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